SOL 2016, D17 Head bump

He has really been struggling the past few days.  Refusing to do any work.  Sitting stoic and removed in his refusal, just on the precipice of tears.  Today was not different.  Even after I gave him the words to answer the question, he couldn’t put them in order to make sense of them.  Refusal became little effort that became defiant.

And then he refused to play his instrument when I happened to walk by.  Again, refusal to play, and refusal to say even a word.  I pulled him aside, explained the we do not treat each other that way, he owed his teacher at least a few words.

He managed about five.  Those sad little eyes, vacant and so incredibly distant.  It was all I could to not pull him into my arms, hold him tight, and kiss the top of his head.

But I am his teacher and I am not allowed to do that.  A head bump was the closest thing.  I hope he could feel all the love I have for him in that little bump.


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