Book Wall

I used to keep a journal of all the books I have read.  It seemed like a good thing to share.

Here is what I have read lately.


And skip ahead to 2020, here’s what I have read this year that I have enjoyed.

screen-shot-2020-03-02-at-5.38.43-pm-2Of these three, I would say that Circe moved me like no book has in quite a while.  How Circe could have such relatable and human emotions was a work of fine craft.

downloadMy mom loved this and cried.  I was fascinated by the back story and wish she could have focused on just one story as there were so many to tell in this one book.  (September 2017)

imagesAnd sometime your book club gets you to read an old classic that makes you laugh and smile and realize that times haven’t really changed that much.  (September 2017)

downloadOh, how I loved this.  I completely disappeared into the setting, into the characters, and into the hearts of all those who yearn for home.  (August 2017)

beatty-the-sellout-with-border4_130x130Wow, this was quite a read.  It was hard to get over the language but once you made peace with it, the book was beautiful.  It was outlandish in a way that made me think about things backwards; sometimes a valuable view.  (July 2017)


I just finished this little gem.  Booker worthy indeed. (March 2017)


I have heard from so many people that this is a great book, but hard to read.  That could not be more accurate.  I started it during a beach vacation and had to put it down as it was bringing me down.  It is a riveting story, but painful to read.  I am not sure when I will have the strength to pick it up again. (March 2017)


This was our book club choice for reading a classic.  Who doesn’t love Lewis Carroll? (March 2017)


A beautifully written book about family, how far we go to take care of each other and how little we sometimes know about each other. (March 2017)


I read this after catching a short piece in the NYT about the Empty Mansions.  My book club read this and we all agreed that there were multiple stories to tell but perhaps the one that list, in detail, how much everything cost, was not the most engaging. (February 2017)


Oh, how I have loved everything Elizabeth Strout writes.  And again, she has spoken the words that I could not find myself. (January 2017)


I put my name on the waitlist to check this out of the library in May, 2016.  I finally gave up and bought a copy in the airport for Thanksgiving Break.  I built up muscles holding the book as I read.  I finally got my library ebook in early December.  It saved my arms but my check out expired before I could finish the book.  I am still, weeks and weeks later, loving the book. (December 2017)

Another great read aloud.  I read it in one sitting and promptly started it with my students the next week.  Great, great book.  My students fell in love with Gertie as fast as I did. (December 2017)


October 2016 I have to admit, I am mostly feeling a huge lack of character while reading this.  I can only take it in small bites.


September 2016 One of the reasons I love teaching 5th grade – I have an excuse to read children’s books.  I picked this up last week as my classroom bookshelf should have every book ever written by Sharon Creech and she delivered yet again.  I am particularly fond of her design for the text – part story, part poetry.  Moo.

Another book club book:


September 2016  Wow – I was mesmerized by Helen’s story.  Perhaps I was in a rather dark and depressed place myself when I read it, but I really connected to her exacting descriptions.  A fascinating read if you like falconry and T.H. White.


June 2016 The next book my book club is reading.  A majority of the women in my group are currently helping a parent to age and we hope this book offers some sage advice.


May 2016 Borrowed from friend of mine, a new twist on the history of the Mormon migration.


April 2016 At the recommendation of my college daughter, I read Franny and Zooey.  I am surprised I had never read it before.  It is the perfect gift for those graduating high school or college.  So much good advice on how to live a true life.  God bless the Fat Lady and just love everyone for who they are.


May 2016 I really like a well researched book and this fits the bill.  While it took a LONG time to even leave the port, Larson weaves a wonderful tale built on first hand reports.  And it leaves the reader wondering just what was the truth about the Lusitania.


March 2016 I am tackling this now.  Lauren has a unique voice.  I have finished the Fates and just started the Furies.  The jury is still out.  And now the jury has decided.  I didn’t love it.  There were so many well written parts, some of which could have been great stand alone books or short stories.  But at the end of the day, I just couldn’t connect with the characters.  I tried.  And I found it a bit gratuitously lewd.  Why do authors need to do that these days?


March 2016 – Book club book.  It was a quick read and fun.  Ove is a real character, one I think we all know.


March 2016 Devoured this book over spring break this year.


March 2016 Book club book.  While the premise seemed engaging, it read rather dry.  It was a great history of women in the resistance to WW2 but lacked any emotional connection to the women.


August 2015  This is my favorite book of the year thus far.  It was the kind of book that I dreaded the last page as I wanted to keep reading forever.  Ms. Catton is lyrical in her writing.

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