Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Earlier this summer, I read a post by a fellow blogger, Ms. Victor , who was at the TCRWP this summer and shared a quote from Ralph Fletcher:  “You have to keep making your life bigger because things keep getting pulled out of it.”  It struck a chord with me enough several months ago that I copied and pasted the quote and hid it in my drafts.  I am amazed at how sometimes things fall into your lap right when you need them as I opened that draft today.

I am still struggling to embrace the emptiness of our house as both of our kids are off to college.  The routines and the patterns of the past 21 years have been ‘pulled out’ and I am mourning that loss.  I keep trying to some wisdom to hang on to in order to right my ship and returning to this quote is just what I needed today.

Darn it if things don’t get pulled out our lives all of the time.  Sometimes I am glad that things are pulled out, and sometimes not so much.  If we keep adding and making this life bigger, maybe those things that are pulled out won’t be so painfully missed.

I needed that little redirection – from Ralph, via Ms. Victor.  Thank you.  I am grateful for this little community in so many ways beyond what I learn from you all about teaching about writing.

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Sometimes the perfect blog arrives a day late.  Yesterday was a whirlwind and I had to fall into bed instead of writing.  After a long day of teaching, I rushed out to get to the airport to go visit my kids for parents weekend.  I spent the hour drive decompressing my day with my very patient husband.  I was so frustrated.  I made an extra effort today to reach a difficult student who often tries to go home midday.  He has a great morning and seemed happier than normal.  And then the last hour of the day was a disaster. Refusal to work, pestering other students and belligerent with an aide.  I left school totally deflated and feeling like a failure.  I just sat down at gate C37 to check emails and received this from a former student:

imageShe has no idea how she just turned my day around.  I Amy or may not have teared up.  And that’s why I go back day after day.