March 3, 2020

I had two conversations today that are challenging me to change my ways. I struggle to use instructions videos in my classroom. Somewhere in the back of my head, I hear this voice saying that direct instruction from a person in the room is better than a YouTube video. I pulled up a science lesson the other day that was really well taught through a video but I kept thinking about how it was really exactly what I do, but live. And then I went for a walk with a fellow teacher who told me how she had used it with her class and it was great. She was so impressed with the vocabulary that her students were using in the writing post-video.

Then today, a cohort was telling me how she was trying to teach a concept and the kids were just not absorbing it. She came back the next day, showed a video of someone else teaching exactly what she had, and for the most part in the same way as she had, the day before. The kids got it this time.

I am reminded of how we all learn differently and sometimes that different can be just a different voice, a different pace, or a different face. It is okay if that something different is a YouTube video. It isn’t babysitting or taking the easy way out. It is trying a new pathway to reach students and that is okay.

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