Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Today I gave my students unit blocks so we could learn about volume.  I gave each table group 20 cubes.  I quickly realized that their little hands wanted to play before their little ears were going to be able to listen.  So I spontaneously gave them the challenge to build something beautiful in under a minute.

Each group made something totally different.  One made a rainbow/reverse rainbow tower.  One made the Eiffel Tower.  There was a ‘messed up’ house, a rainbow bed and a set of stairs.  One minute and they had all made something unique and beautiful.  And they were content to then start learning about volume.

As I told them the challenge, one of the kiddos said, “This is why I love you, Mrs. Kirk.  Because you let us do stuff like this.”

One minute and they all created in a unique way.  That’s exactly why I love each of them.

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

I may or may not barely have my head above the water enough to take a breath on this Tuesday that is two, or maybe three months from the last Tuesday I wrote.  How can this possibly happen every year that it takes months before I feel like I have a grip on my teaching life?

I have so much to reflect on:
Teaching full time for the first time in 22 years.

Bidding a sweet see you later to the perfect compliment to me of the past 7 years as my job share partner moved to another building.

Welcoming a teacher candidate and learning to be a mentor.

Finding peace and calm in the exceedingly turbulent waters of my current workplace.

Rerouting my energy to my kids to the East coast to the West coast.

But for now, I need to breath and get what sleep I can before another long, long day.