10 Bookish Facts About Me

  1.  I won’t read any books that my mother ‘loves’.
  2. I can be a book snob – I don’t want to waste time with beach reads when there are so many books left unread.
  3. I loved, I mean loved, reading Moby Dick
  4. I seldom don’t finish a book.  I feel this sense of obligation to keep going in case the final pages hold a redemption of some sort.
  5. I binge read in the summer.  I once read HP in a day, and 5 books in a week.  There is nothing better than sitting on a beach for hours – reading.
  6. I love to read aloud.  One of my fondest memories is lying in bed with my 19 year old daughter reading aloud to her.
  7. I still prefer a paper book.  I have a Kindle and an iPad and I read from all three sources, but I really prefer paper.
  8.  I have been known to repurchase a book that I have sold to the used book store.  🙂
  9. I get carsick reading in a car.  But I do it anyway.
  10. I have never turned down a request from one of my kids to buy them a book.  If they want a book, I see no reason not to buy it for them.  It is my true weak spot – and they both know it.

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Behind the eight ball already

August 10th is too early for teachers to be back

CPR certification all day today

Keep my wits about me as I’m overwhelmed.


Totally sleep deprived already.

Only 24 more hours to prep?


Students, all 29, will fill the room on Thursday.

Changing up first day activities.

How can I be so behind already?

Olympics?  No time to watch.

Only 18 more hours to prep.

Love this job, I really do.  🙂