SOL 2016, D18 Fell Fast

Heavy wet snow fell fast,

Covered our footprints as we walked the dogs,

Returning chilled, ready for a hot bath and The New Yorker.

Until the lights went out – heavy snow, downed power lines.

A candle arrived from my knight in shining armor.

Reading with the flicker of the flame

I leaned to the right to harness the light

A familiar odor, I pondered my memory

Until a lock of hair drifted into the tub water.

Thin burnt hair fell fast.



5 thoughts on “SOL 2016, D18 Fell Fast

  1. Reading with the
    flicker of the flame,
    these words are dancing
    to a muse all of their own.
    You crowd in, to see,
    as I pull back, to read.
    Your fingers point in silence.
    I finally notice your shadow,
    dancing there along the edge
    of my book, as if you were the illustrator
    to my writing.

    –Kevin, lifting a line from your poem to leave a poem as comment. (And your last lines, of the hair and the smell and the memory .. perfect!)


  2. Despite the snow and the cold and the downed power lines, your poem has a cozy mood. The snow falling fast, the dogs and the footprints, and the hot tub and reading! Even with the burnt hair (falling fast) the poem puts me right there with you at a happy memory. Thanks for sharing. Happy Friday.


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