SOL 2016, D8 – Chills They’re multiplying

It is 8 pm, I am sitting in bed fighting off the chills, and doing what every teacher does…I am powering through sickness.  It came on late yesterday, the scratchy throat and watery eyes.  By the time I got home from school, it was certain that the cold had hit me.  I crawled into my favorite pajamas, made a hot cup of tea, and did nothing until 10pm.  (I may or may not have watched the last hour of the finale of Downton Abbey). If I  could just do nothing, perhaps I would have enough energy for teaching the next day. Well, I have survived the day of teaching but I am calling it at that. I gave all I could because that’s what teachers do.  There’s no such thing as a sick day unless it involves puking.

Perhaps I will feel better tomorrow and will be able to write a more meaningful reflection but for now sleep and Advil beckon.


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