SOLSC, March 9, 2017

I know it seems like I am posting late, but not really.  It is not 10:48pm MST.  It is actually 9:28pm MST.  I know that because we sat on I-70 for an hour and twenty minutes today.  And I mean sat.  Cars turned off, people wandering around and meeting each other, taking our dog for a walk along the highway, chatting with the folks who just happened to have a flat tire on the side of the road.  All because some high profile vehicle thought they weren’t high profile and didn’t need to heed the high wind warning.  A semi blew over and blocked traffic about a mile further up the road from where we were stopped.

We kept playing that game while we waited and waited and waited.  If we hadn’t stopped by the bank, we would have been ahead of the rollover.  If we had left on time and I hadn’t gone back to sleep for that extra half hour this morning, we would have been ahead of the rollover.  If we had stopped just a little longer for gas we would have been just enough further back that we could have been part of the line of cars diverted on to the service road.  And of course, if we had done a combination of all of those, we might have watched that semi tip over right in front of us.

Instead, we listened to a few programs from RadioLab and called my brother to catch up and thank our lucky stars that all we lost today was an hour and twenty minutes.


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