Tuesday, January 31st, 2017

I wasn’t very nice today.  Twice within the same hour I found myself using the same phrase to someone else: “This is not my job.”

It’s in my nature to do more than I am asked, to help out when it is needed, to lend a hand, and sometimes to do more than others are comfortable with me doing.  So, I was curious today as to why I was so frustrated with others not doing part while I was picking up the slack.  Normally, that works for me.

Perhaps it is because normally those extra steps, the going of the extra mile, the offering up my services is done because I have time and room in my life to give a little more and make things easier for others.  And maybe what made me crack today is that my time isn’t being used in a way that feels satisfying at the end of the day.  I am putting so much into a really tough situation, way above and beyond what any teacher should be expected to do.  And in doing so, it takes me away from the things that fill my soul so that I do have something to give back.  My cup runneth dry these days from.  I need some recognition instead of assumption.

Sorry for my biting words.  I’ll be better tomorrow.

3 thoughts on “Tuesday, January 31st, 2017

  1. Sorry the events of your day led you to feel unappreciated! I’ve been there often, and sometimes it just gets too hard to put on a happy face and put up with being taken for granted. Hope you have a better day tomorrow!


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