Tuesday, January 17, 2017

I heard someone just tonight recite that familiar saying, “The days are long but the years short.”  I am feeling just that way right now.  My days have been so very long and now weeks and weeks have gone by in a flash.

My long days have kept me from doing much writing.  I think I have been avoiding it as I really don’t want to be negative when I reflect about my teaching.  There hasn’t been much positive or much to celebrate these past weeks.  As my cohort said today, “I just want to teach – actually teach something to kids who are available to learn.”  We have both been struggling to keep our heads above water while we provide for some kiddos who just can’t learn given where they are in their own precious lives right now.  And while we pour all we can into these few, the many are coasting along, socializing wonderfully but missing out.  We both feel like we haven’t been able to tap into their intrinsic desire to learn so the days often end with a rather unsatisfied sigh.

And so we are going to try again.  We are going to take yet another tack, try another game plan, change the routine.  Because that is what we do.  We keep trying until we find what works.  My current bag of tricks has run dry.  But as I tell my kiddos, when you hit the wall and don’t know what to do next, that is just an opportunity to grow.  This year has provided me so many opportunities for just that.  And they just keep coming.


5 thoughts on “Tuesday, January 17, 2017

  1. Good luck! I was feeling a bit up against a wall with my writing tonight. A friend suggested I just start freewriting … well, I got a post out of it, but definitely not one I would have expected! But it’s writing, and it’s moving past my goal of posting for Slice of Life. On to the next! 🙂


  2. Sorry you are having a frustrating time. Your willingness to find yet another tack is testament to you as a teacher – you are willing to keep trying to find ways to engage kids in the learning, even when things aren’t stellar. Hang in there! (And keep writing.)


  3. margaretsmn

    Oh my, I totally understand what you are going through. Some days, weeks, months…are like that. I’m glad you found time to write through it. I hope you find small glimmers of learning along the way. Hang in there!


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