SOL 2016, D22. Callita

We adopted a puppy from the local pound last November and have spent countless hours debating her genetic lineage.  She was billed as a German shepherd mix but we quickly ruled that out.  She looks nothing like a German shepherd.  She has the coloring of a Rottweiler but her build is lanky.  We finally gave in and had her genetics evaluated by the vet.  It came back saying she was part Rottweiler with some Staffordshire terrier – we can easily see both of those in her.  And then she is also part Great Pyrenees.  There is NOTHING about her that hints at Great Pyrenees.  Nothing.  So we settled on her being a good old average mutt.

And then we came to Mexico for spring break.  Around every corner, at every restaurant, on every beach we see clear relatives of our pup.  Great Pyrenees? Not.  Mexican street dog.  Definitely!  We think we might nickname her Callita, little street.



4 thoughts on “SOL 2016, D22. Callita

  1. Whatever her ancestry she looks sweet and contemplative! I am actually going to have my genetics tested this summer because I wonder if what I “know” is correct- I think I am 25% Ukranian, 25% Hungarian, nearly 50% Irish, and a bit German, but we’ll see- my mom’s family has always been secret keepers.


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