Tuesday July 18, 2017

I am reading Leon Uris’ “Exodus” for my bookclub.  In a conversation about right and wrong between two of the characters, one says, “Foreign policies of this, or any other, country are not based on right and wrong.  IT is not for you and me to argue the right or the wrong of this question.  The only kingdom that runs on righteousness is the kingdom of heaven.  The kingdom of the earth run on oil.”  I had to look up the publication date when I read that.   It was published in 1958.  And here we are over 50 years later.

3 thoughts on “Tuesday July 18, 2017

  1. carwilc

    Wow! That’s quite a quote. Blows me away that it was written almost sixty years ago and it’s still true. What a world we live in!


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