Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Yet again, the words that I wanted to say or write were given to me by someone else.  Here’s is today Poem of the Day from poem-a-day@poets.org.


Ali Liebegott


always the hopeless asked to give others hope
the ones pushed up against wall after wall

when you’re done unpinning yourself
from the wall, please give hope

those who work twice as hard to seem half as good
being asked to do one more thing

we need to be seen
because things are not going well
and the crows are up to no good

While Ali was writing about the marginalized, women and people of color, these words spoke to my educator’s heart of the last week.   I couldn’t believe how well Ali’s words captured what I have been feeling.  After being pushed up against walls and peeling myself off to go in for another day at the office, I start again each day with trying to give hope.  While I am sad and frustrated, I still get up each day and give my best to my students.  I am there with a smile on my face and the same commitment to make it a worthwhile day for them.

And I work twice as hard, sometimes far more than twice as hard, but am expected to do more and be more and not be recognized for what I do accomplish.  I am expected to give, but not expect anything in return.  Things are not going well.

And I can relate to those crows.  They are in fact grackels who are usually gone by this time of year but we can hear them yelling, truly yelling, at each other from tree to tree in our back yard.  It was deafening and somewhat irritating last night.  I feel like those grackels are circling around me sometimes; I am doing my work and doing more than my work again and again and again but no one is really listening or acknowledging.  They are just yapping and yelling at each other way up above trying to get all of the attention.

Thank you Ali, for your words.  I am not alone.

3 thoughts on “Tuesday, June 20, 2017

  1. You are not alone! I can relate to your post. Everyone needs to be recognized for their efforts, not just the loudest amongst the crowd! Keep your chin up! I would bet (hope) your students notice you are there for them! They certainly notice when teachers are not! Take Care.


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