SOLSC, March 28, 2017



Getting lost in the flow of shapes and colors.

Seeing each piece and learning it’s curves

To find it’s neighbors

and slowly create the full picture.

Maybe it is the way that persistence

Brings order to the chaos

Makes sense of the nonsense

Finds meaning in the mess.



2 thoughts on “SOLSC, March 28, 2017

  1. I had to go back and read the title again. What a lovely poem about something I enjoy so much. The way you described the process is wonderful. I tried to find a favorite line, but I’m torn because the thoughts are so intertwined that it seems wrong to pull one out from the others. Thanks for the slice.


  2. I just LOVE this. My Grama LOVED puzzles. This post is reminding me of the last one we did together just before she died. She was so tired, yet so determined to finish and bring a little order to three chaos. Thank you for your words.


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