SOLSC, March 23, 2017

The fire this past weekend was a great conversation piece when I returned to school yesterday.  I started off with giving my kids time to write in their journals and then we shared stories.  They always have so much to tell.

I decided to share the blog I wrote on Monday for SOLSC with my students.  I gave a very, very brief introduction to my blog explaining that writers and writing teachers are always working on their writing and this was a community of professionals that share their writing together.  Several students were quite surprised.

“You have a blog?”

“You write every single day?”

“You publish what you write every day?”

I shared my story and my photos that sparked (sorry for the pun) so many great conversations.  We talked about writing, and fires, and firemen, and how to be attentive to what might be happening in someone else’s life.  At the end of writing time as we headed off to PE, I had one student who circled back again.

“You really have a blog?”

I am taking that as recognition that I, too, am a writer who seeks a community to help me write better.  I think that I was seen as human today.









7 thoughts on “SOLSC, March 23, 2017

  1. This just affirms my belief in how important it is for our students to see us as writers, too! I love how your kids were so excited about you blogging and had so many questions for you about your writing. I’m sure they not only saw you as a human, but as a writer–and hopefully this helps at least one or two of them see themselves that way, too. Great post!


  2. You not only have a blog, but you have a community of readers and writers alongside you. My kids know what blogs are, but mostly, blogs are old news. What they want to know is, do I have Tumblr or Snapchat? (I do, but that’s our secret)


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