SOLSC, March 15, 2017

One thing I love about the slicing of life; how the world just opens up when you take a few minutes to dive in.  I have followed Tara Smith ever since I first found TwoWritingTeachers a few years ago.  I get notices of her blog posts, and while I don’t read all of her posts (sorry Tara!!!), I do drop in from time to time.  I dropped in with an unexpected splash today.

It was a little like all the arrows were pointing in a certain direction and I was blindly missing them until they all converged tonight.  Tara wrote today about Amy Kraus Rosenthal.  I was intrigued so I read the NYT Modern Love article written by Amy.  I am a fan and avid follower of Modern Love but somehow didn’t read the one from March 3rd.  Even more intrigued by this woman who wrote so beautifully about her husband, I went to YouTube to watch the Beckoning of Lovely series and went through ’08, ’09, ’10 and ’11 all in rapid succession.  And then I found her TEDx talk.  While watching that, Amy mentioned the video she put together of 17 things she made and showed a quick clip of a few of her favorites. It included a photo of a book she wrote.  WAIT – I have the book upstairs on my nightstand.  I bought it a few years ago and read it from time to time.  It’s a great book to pick up for a snippet.

My husband wanted to know more about Amy so I googled her and a list of all of her books popped up.  I recognized quite a few that I had seen in our school library but my eyes immediately settled on I Wish You More.  That book is sitting in my closet right now waiting for May.  I bought in last November at our school book fair.  It found me.  I needed to have that book to give to my daughter who will be graduating from college this spring.  That will be a gift for her, a wish for, as she starts out on her new independent life.

Amy has been a part of my world for quite some time now without me recognized HER. Tonight, all of the stars to converge and I saw how she had been touching my world for several years.  How could this person be so clearly tucked into corners of my life for quite some time and yet I know so little about her?  How had she been beckoning without me hearing her?  I had no idea she was ill or that she just passed away.  I didn’t get to offer up my thanks to her for what lovely she has given me.   I will have to do it by passing on that lovely she gifted, unknowingly, to me.  I am going to make some lovely today.


One thought on “SOLSC, March 15, 2017

  1. Your post is a testament to Amy in just such a beautiful way. How marvelous that she was beckoning you to lovely already, and present in your life. I’ve always admired her spirit and her creativity. Reading an AKR book, watching one of her talks or “happenings” always made me asipre to do better. And thanks for the kind words, too 🙂

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