SOLSC, March 11, 2017

My son is home for spring break from his first year in college.  It was a wicked transition to an empty house last fall thus I love having him back in our space again.

Ten Sounds I Have Welcomed Home This Week.

Late night Rice Krispie feasting

ESPN at all hours

Unfamiliar, loud and portable music

Water running in the morning and knowing that he awake now

Thunderous steps taken down the stairs two at at time, 6 hits instead of 13

The front door slamming, boys taking the “Come In” sign on the front porch literally, passing through on their way to the basement

Cell phone buzz, “Whazup Bro?” mumbled

Undulating laughter around a ping pong table lulling us to sleep two floors above

The rhythmic click, click, click of a hammock swinging

‘Thanks, Mama’


7 thoughts on “SOLSC, March 11, 2017

  1. Oh! I so know how this feels! I was nodding along with so many of your sounds. When my children are home from school, I hug all those lovely noises close to me–even the ones that keep me up at night. Enjoy your son’s vacation!


  2. My daughter is home for spring break from her first year of college so this post TOTALLY resonates with me! Though the sounds are not at all the same, the welcoming sentiment is! Enjoy. Every moment with our kids, no matter how old, is precious!


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