SOLSC, March 4, 2017

So, I am one of the guilty ones.  I am a late poster and thus often post after 11:59 Eastern time.  I figure out last year that I should write the day before so I can just wake up and post.  Clearly the lesson didn’t stick as here I am writing late and night and posting after my curfew.  It was bad enough when I was in Colorado and needed to post before 10pm but I am currently on vacation in Hawaii and there is no way my evenings will end early enough for me to write.  I am a before bed writer at heart.  So, I am going to skip the 3rd of March and jump right to the 4th and get myself back on the right time zone.

Here is why I couldn’t write earlier today.  We woke up mostly adjusted to the time zone.  Well, I did at least.  My husband had been up for hours already, quietly sneaking around the condo so I could continue snoozing.  We had a wonderful breakfast on the lanai with my mom and then headed out for a bike ride.  We rented road bikes yesterday and had to return them by 3 today so we wanted to get in another ride.  We loaded the bikes into our rental car, parked about a mile before yesterday’s turn around spot and set out to ride the north shore of East Maui.

It was spectacular.  It had rained early this morning so there was still some coolness to the air.  Most of the tourists were still sleeping in or eating brunch as there were very few cars on the road.  The newly paved road follows the coastline in a winding serpentine in and out, up and down.  We would drop into a cool inlet to cross over a riverbed and the rise back up to the top of the cliffs where we could watch the waves crashing below.  We rode a few miles past the touristed pull-outs and then left our bikes to walk out to the overlook.  Clear skies, crashing waves, and spouting whales.  For a few minutes, the world stood still and that was all there was.

Thank goodness the return ride was easier.  I was already tired from yesterday’s ride and today had far more elevation change.  We headed back to meet Mom for lunch.  We were going to venture out to the north shore before meeting our daughter at the airport but decided that the ocean was calling.  We took a quick dip, floating in the smaller swells.  We decided on a hike at Ioa Preserve, unfortunately it was closed.  We ended up on a beach right by the airport, rustic and local.

A long traffic filled drive back from the airport got us back to our condo right at sunset.  My dear husband, who always has impeccable timing, led the charge to beach just as the sun was setting over Lanai.  We were graced by 3 whales, putting on a show about 100 yards off the beach.  Tails were flapping, fins waving, and happy spouts.  It was like a sunset dance for the audience on the beach as they traveled past each hotel complex.  Surely they knew what they were doing!

A long dinner catching up with my college senior and it is now long past midnight on the East Coast.  I am sorry, but I had other things to do today.


2 thoughts on “SOLSC, March 4, 2017

  1. I think this is a great excuse for missing yesterday. Sometimes, especially when i have a good Idea, I also write the night before. It is not always the whole thing.. Sometime I get a good intro and some ideas for the rest. I will start a blog post the day before and finish it the morning it is due. But I don;t have beautiful Hawai’i to distract me.


  2. Like Adrienne said, it’s a good excuse for missing yesterday. Hope you’ll be posting photos for those of us who are freezing here on the East Coast to enjoy!

    BTW: I always share what I wrote the previous day in the morning. Hence, I write for 32 consecutive days. This way I know I’m all set to share my post when I wake up in the morning.


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