SOLSC March 2, 2017

Do you ever have times when it seems like the world doesn’t know you are there?  Sometimes I will be driving and someone on the road will cut me off or turn into me and I wonder if maybe I am really not there and they really didn’t see me.  Or in a large group of people, it can sometimes feel like everyone is moving around you in a way that makes you feel invisible.  Or in conversation with a group, you make a comment and no one responds but they all just keep talking over you.  I find that happens more than I like and I am too often asking myself if I am really here.

And then there are times when your mother doesn’t even recognize you.  We are visiting her for a few days and my husband and I tackled the jet lag by going for a walk at sunrise.  When we got back to the pool area, my mom was talking with a friend of hers.  I walked over and introduces myself to the woman and then we all started talking.  A full 3-4 minutes later my mom realized that it was me.

I didn’t take it personally.  She wasn’t expecting me to be there, I was wearing my new glasses that she hadn’t seen before, and the humidity here does some wild things to my hair.  But it was just one more time that I had to wonder if I really am part of this world.


One thought on “SOLSC March 2, 2017

  1. Molly,
    This sometimes happens to me – feeling like people are talking over me and not listening to what I have to say. I do self-talk at this point and then start listening to others. Sometimes I realize that I was the one that wasn’t really listening and whatever I said was not really connected to the general conversation. You matter! You are not invisible! I look forward to reading more from you this month.


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