Tuesday February 14th, sort of

hearts-9Tuesday was Valentine’s Day.  We changed the tradition at our school and asked that students NOT bring candy this year.  (The saying around town is that our principal killed Valentine’s Day!)  We wanted the focus to be on friendship, kindness, and finding the good in others – not on sugar.

It went off pretty well.  There were parents who didn’t participate, either because they still don’t read the newsletters or because they were just going to do it their way anyway.  But for the most part it was a pretty candy free day.  Yes, things can change for the better.

So instead of sweetarts galore, I have the coolest word search puzzle that includes all of the names of the students in our class, a paper airplane kit, several glow rings, and hardly any trash on the floor at the end of the day.

That part of the day was a success.  But the dark cloud over my head has still not lifted as we struggle to meet the needs of the neediest.  I was reminded yesterday that school can be the safest place for some of our students.  When there is chaos at home, struggles and worries that are beyond their years, school should be the calm, predictable, and always loving place our students can come to rest.  I am glad that yesterday wasn’t as amped up as celebrations in the past.  But my heart still aches for those who deserve an un-amped up home.

3 thoughts on “Tuesday February 14th, sort of

  1. macrush53

    I would love to see a day without candy. Our kids were flying off the wall by day’s end. We need to keep working on making sure our schools are a safe landing spot in their day. I hear you with that dark cloud.


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