Slice of Life, Tuesday, November 8, 2016


I choose to spend each day with a group of young people in an effort to promote tolerance, compromise, a work ethic based on personal growth, and a climate of acceptance.  I do this because I think I might be able to make a difference somehow.  I do this because I believe that giving some smiles, laughs, side hugs and pats on the back will somehow seep in to lives of some young people.  I am not out for personal gain, for personal profit, and certainly not for financial security – no one in education is.  I try to believe that people when people are good and kind to one another that it benefits everyone.  I try to believe that even though we have differences, when we take care with each other, respect each other, and are generally kind to each other that the world can become a better place.  But tonight, I am feeling defeated.  How long can a human swim upstream before giving in to the downward flow?

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