Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Reflection.  It is such a critical part of teaching.  Taking a little time each day to reflect is a habit, a necessary habit, that leads me to what I steps I will take tomorrow.  And after years of daily reflecting, I could still use some practice.

Unfortunately, I often reflect the day after.  Sometimes that is good.  A good night of sleep has made me less critical of myself, more forgiving of my students, and usually a little more clear headed.  But sometimes that isn’t so good.  Sometimes the heat of the moment reflections are the most useful.

So I am pulling out my little red journal and trying to write for a bit before I leave school each day.  Today I want to reflect on what I need to do to help my students listen respectfully.  I need to reflect on whether my new students’ behavior has some deeper motives that I haven’t discovered yet and how I am going to get to that place of trust to find out.  And I need to think carefully about how to raise the bar a bit with my readers.  They gave up too easily today and I let them.  I can do better than that.



2 thoughts on “Tuesday, October 11, 2016

  1. Kathleen Neagle Sokolowski

    Love your ideas on reflection and letting us in on your thoughts about your classroom. I gave up class behavior tracking systems (like Class Dojo) this year and have been working towards teaching students about correct behavior instead of just rewarding or punishing them. I agree trust and relationships are so important to getting anywhere with students.


  2. “They gave up too easily today and I let them. I can do better than that.” It seems you have set a very high bar for yourself. Don;t forget, as you reflect , to be kind to yourself.


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