Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Sometimes the perfect blog arrives a day late.  Yesterday was a whirlwind and I had to fall into bed instead of writing.  After a long day of teaching, I rushed out to get to the airport to go visit my kids for parents weekend.  I spent the hour drive decompressing my day with my very patient husband.  I was so frustrated.  I made an extra effort today to reach a difficult student who often tries to go home midday.  He has a great morning and seemed happier than normal.  And then the last hour of the day was a disaster. Refusal to work, pestering other students and belligerent with an aide.  I left school totally deflated and feeling like a failure.  I just sat down at gate C37 to check emails and received this from a former student:

imageShe has no idea how she just turned my day around.  I Amy or may not have teared up.  And that’s why I go back day after day.


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