Tuesday, May 9, 2016


“Peace out,” he said as he left for school this morning.  My youngest is in his final weeks of high school.  I have been getting calls from the attendance office almost daily.  With AP exams, he is either studying or skipping the classes where they are just showing movies.  He has ‘peaced out’ for sure!

And so have my own 5th graders.  It is such a hard time of year for all of us.  The weather is finally nice after weeks of rain and snow so we are all antsy to be outdoors a little more – or a lot more.  But what is that shifts our brains away from concentration and into the daydreaming of summer.

I have always loved the rhythm of a school year.  I like beginning anew in August, wrapping up in May, and rejuvenating over the summer.  I have never worked a job that required me to give my full attention for a full year.  (I know – I am very lucky and am quite grateful as well).  I like that I get to try again each year.  I have a new project that has a specific start date and end date with breathing room in between.  Honestly, I don’t know how most people work all year long.

But I always struggle with those last few weeks of the school year.  We have some tricks up our sleeves – like saving our Human Growth and Development unit for the last two weeks.  Funny how those 5th graders can sit in rapt attention for that content!!!  They are already middle schoolers in so many ways so sitting around talking about adolescence is right up their alley.  Beyond that though, I have already lost them.

I am holding on, not quite ready to say goodbye, and they are at least one foot out the door.  Just like my son.  I am holding on to him too.  He is off to college in a few months and I think both feet are already out the door.  I tell myself that it is good if they aren’t looking back.  Right?

Peace out!


12 thoughts on “Tuesday, May 9, 2016

  1. Like the way you wrote about your 5th graders, but still you were writing about your son and your feelings about this time of transition. When my daughter headed off to college, I wrote about how the cats missed her, when, really, it was me.

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  2. We have 6 weeks to go and my 6th graders have begun the “boyfriend-girlfriend” stuff. Sigh. Like you, we’ve saved some fun content and projects to the end of the year. I’m glad I don;t have to teach Human Growth & Development, though.

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  3. 6 week?? I don’t envy you. HG&D is actually one of my favorite units. They are horrified at first, and then they cannot stop asking questions. Finally, a topic that they all relate to 100%. It is curiosity at its best.


  4. You seemed to have captured my own feelings as well here – I love the 9 month work schedule. Not only because I appreciate the time home with my own children, but because I love the idea of a fresh beginning each year.

    The comparison to your own son at the ending was great – two different stages of life, but each with their own foot out the door. Love the cyclical beginning and ending – peace out!

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  5. You might not think they look back…but they do! I have often thought how lucky I was to be in a career where each day was different…and as you said…each year was like a new beginning. I loved it. I taught fifth grade for a number of years…and know what you mean about the last couple of weeks…wow they are ready (they think).

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