Tuesday April 26, 2016

Well, missed that deadline, huh?  Yesterday was a rough day.  I met with my administrator for my annual review and it sort of rocked my world.  We have had 4 principals in the past 5 years at my school.  One would think that this would negatively impact our school but quite the opposite is true.  We have a super strong staff and an impenetrable program.  I don’t think there are any signs that we have had this kind of turn over.

I work so hard to be sure that my students transition not just to my 5th grade class but also out of it.  They are headed to middle school next year so I am always aware of what skills I need to foster for them to be successful.  After meeting with my principal, I see that transitions happen all through life.  She is transitioning too.  She’s a little like the new kid in the class who arrived for the last month of school.  I am a pretty strong personality and have been taking care of business – which tends to be my modus operandi.  That has not been beneficial to her transition.

I will take that step back, I will imagine myself as a 5th grader and her as the new student.  She doesn’t want to be told how we do things here, she wants to learn how on her own.  I will be a helpful ‘classmate’ by letting her learn.



4 thoughts on “Tuesday April 26, 2016

  1. Rocked your world, or did she give you permission to do your job only as best as you can?
    The principal transitions in your building make it difficult for staff not to step up to the plate and cross boundaries that would otherwise be there with a solid, strong administrator in place. However, I do understand your frustration. You were just doing what needed to be done, without question, and certainly without malice. It’s hard to take a step back, but it will be in your favor if you do. You’ll have tons more free time, for one! Good luck!


  2. Deadlines are one thing, still finding the pull to write is another. Sounds like, even with a strong staff, challenges still exist. I like how you are trying to think of your current situation from a different perspective. I also teach 5th grade and love taking a room full of, basically 4th graders, and sending them off ready for the challenges of middle school.


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