SOL 2016, D 30 Weather Vanes

They say that if you don’t like the weather in Colorado, wait a minute.  It will change.  Today was one of those days.  I left for work at 10am wearing a lightweight jacket and no socks.  It was beautifully sunny, warm enough to not button up.  Two hours later we went out to recess and the skies were grey, the wind was blustery and my toes were quite uncomfortable.  By the time we went in, it was snowing.

Sometimes my students are the same.  One of my kiddos apparently had a really rough lunch hour.  When he came back from lunch he was a little riled but settled in and within a few minutes of class, he was laughing and engaged.  The principal showed up late in the day to pull him for a chat about what happened at lunch.  She was sure he would still be in a mood.  Not at all.  I think he had all but forgotten the lunch conflict.

I wish I could be more like the weather and like 10 year olds.  I wish I could change gears that quickly and more importantly, forget that quickly.  As quickly as my students can be defeated and down on themselves, they are up again and looking ahead.  I could use a strong dose of that – especially as we head into weeks on end of standardized testing.  It’s hard to find that positive attitude these days.

Tomorrow is another day and it is supposed to be sunny again.  I hope I am too.


4 thoughts on “SOL 2016, D 30 Weather Vanes

  1. I think I’m on the inspiration circuit tonight. LOL I just came from a post about the power of YES, and your post reminds me of the importance of staying positive and turning a day around. That ability to change is essential. It is amazing how quickly students (and the weather) can make a change. I loved your ending…tomorrow is supposed to be sunny and hope I am too. ;o)



  2. I like your comparisons here- the kids can rebound remarkably quickly and you are right, we can take that on too. Sounds like a great goal as you approach the testing season- I hope your students can keep it up too.


  3. Great comparison! I tend to brood like an entrenched low pressure trough–I’m not sure that even is correct weather terminology but hopefully you know what I mean! I think I’ll try to channel a bit more sunshine as well. Good luck with all your testing!

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