SOL 2016, D 29 Coming Home

We love to travel.  We spent 2 months backpacking around Europe for our honeymoon.  We spent 6 months backpacking around the world as a post graduate degree celebration.  And when we both started working full time, we swore to each other that we wouldn’t stop.  When we had kids, we promised to keep it up.  We have taken our kids on some pretty remarkable vacations and have managed a significant trip almost every year including another 3 month stint with kids in tow.

We have fallen in love with some pretty amazing places in and out of the U.S. When we look back at the past 27 years, we are in awe of what a National Geographic journal we have.  From beaches to mountains to cities, towns, and guest houses, we have been lucky to touch some truly remarkable corners of the earth.

There have been many,many times when we were dragging our feet onto a plane or back into the car because we loved where we were.  We have spontaneously extended trips and have come home late, late at night stretching out the vacations to the last minute.  But as we near the city limits and finally crest the hill to look over our city, we never cease to sigh and say, “Ah, it’s good to be home.”  We have talked from time to time of living somewhere else, one of the many perfect places we have found in the world.  But we always come back here and it always feels good.  The only thing better than traveling is knowing that the place where you have set down roots is worth coming home to at the end of the day, or week, or month, or maybe someday the year.


4 thoughts on “SOL 2016, D 29 Coming Home

  1. I am a big fan of travel too and find that being an international teacher helps. “home” is my hard thing- I really do not feel like I have a “home” aside from wherever I am living.


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