SOL 2016, D 28 PIem

Well, this was a real challenge!  Back on Pi day, my students and I read about PIems, poems that have the structure of Pi.  Here’s my attempt.  It was way harder than I expected. I have included Pi.  You can check my letter count.


A lean
A dream



Implies adult

Yet child


disguises desired readiness

Not to man



7 thoughts on “SOL 2016, D 28 PIem

  1. I am bound by numbers,
    not letters,
    nor stories, either,
    only digits that stretch
    into infinity,
    so I write into the unknown,
    stretching my ideas
    ever onward, ever outward.

    –Kevin, inspired by your poem and attempt, and thinking of how numbers inform writing

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  2. Yipes- that is a hard structure! In terms of your message- my only consolation is that brain research says the frontal lobe develops until the mid-20s. That gives me faith that my 22yo and 24 yo sons are almost grown.


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