SOL 2016, D 27. Wealth of disparity

We have been driving around the Yucatan peninsula for the past week and the similarities and disparity have been more than striking. Here are just a few.


high rise hotels with air conditioning in every room, often running when no one is in the room or when the patio doors are wide open

the man on a three wheeled bike collecting fire wood along the highway, kilometers from the nearest hint of a home

sushi, filet mignon, soft serve ice cream with sprinkles, croissants, cupcakes

cold coconut served with lime – hacked out of a coconut by a 70 year old vendor with a machete from his makeshift food stand

Gucci, Chanel, Roxy, RayBans

plastic flip flops, too small torn t-shirts, children’s clothes on adults

white rental cars with a/c and seat belts for all

Pickup trucks, rusted out and colorless, 4 passengers up front and 8 more in the open air back, one holding a sleeping child

trusting tourists

local police walking with automatic guns at the ready

cell phone glued to hips, selfies and snapchats, google maps and Siri

walking the beach selling friendship bracelets, earrings, Mayan blankets

This gaudy winter playground for the northerners, reality ignored for a tan line



4 thoughts on “SOL 2016, D 27. Wealth of disparity

  1. TERRIFIC last line that says it all! It is really amazing the display of wealth and excess next to the reality, a reality us northerners, vacationers seemingly don’t notice….It’s like that in the islands too. Bravo for noticing!


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