SOL 2016, D 25

So, my 20 year old daughter and I have become quite accomplished at snapchatting with each other.  It’s amazing how a three second peek into her day can bring so much more than three seconds, thus inspiration for today’s poem.


“The North Pole” is her tagline from her adventures at 60 degrees north

“The equator?” is mine from under the palm trees of our spring break

Once connected to me inches, now half a world away…or more.

I held a little hand, teaching her of evening stars and then in a breath

we are watching different sunsets.


4 thoughts on “SOL 2016, D 25

  1. I love this! Just as I read the title you inspired me – I snap chatted my 19 year old at college. Then I read. It’s hard to believe they were little – and what a great way to still stay connected! The memories of you and your ‘little girl’ were so sweet!

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