SOL 2016, D 24 the good and the bad

The day started off nicely.  We had a perfect island breakfast of fresh fruit and homemade chai.  We took a bike taxi to the ferry for the short shuttle back to our car on the mainland.

And then we needed gas.  We pulled into the station but could not figure out how to open the gas tank.  The attendant could not figure it out.  The guy in the car behind us could not figure it out. We left the station hoping we could make it back to the city.  Things were looking grim.

As we drove inland over ‘sleeping policemen” and potholes, the gas cover magically opened!  Good news!  Things were looking up. We stopped for gas on the outskirts of town and got back on the road.

After rather obsessively following the speed limit through about 6 hours of driving, my spousal driver started to fiddle with the gas cap button while drinpving and we were promptly pulled over by a policeman.  Not looking good.

being Holy Week, al police stations were closed so we could pick up my husband’s driver’s license on Monday and pay the full price of the ticket then.  But we were going to be on a plane on Monday.  We explained and explained our situation in broken Spanish, the officer called in for the jefe.  Things were looking really, really bad.

And then  Jefe decided to be nice and said we could go if we paid half the ticket now.  But we only had $20 and change.  Looking so bad but he took the offer.  And thankfully gave the license back.  We drove way under the speed limit for the next 2 hours.

We stopped at a hotel to pick up our son.  We parked the car out front.  Son took 2 hours to take a final swim, eat a final meal, and say goodbye to his buddies.  Good news was that our car was still there.  It had net been towed.  Phew.

Things were looking up.  We fought the traffic out of the city and headed to our new hotel.  We happily settled in for dinner after watching Villanova win their Sweet 16 game.  And then ate dessert while watching the Jayhawks move on to the Elite 8.

Things are looking real good.  Time for bed.


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