SOL 2016 D19 – The Dropoff

We took  her to boarding school today.  We have been counting down all week until the 9am dropoff this morning, relishing the small moments.  We had a special dinner last night and even Grandma came up to have one last evening with her.  We tucked her in under a warm blanket last night, right up to her chin.  My husband and I marveled at how much we love her.

We got up early this morning to share a last breakfast together and then climbed in the car for the 45 minute drive.  I sat as close to her as I could, drinking up my last warm moments.  The countryside was glistening under the coat of new snow, but I kept my eyes on her as much as I could.  I could sense she was vacillating between anxiety and excitement.  So was I.

They asked us not to linger long; it is better to cut the cord quickly instead of drawing out long good byes.  She looked up at me with those beautiful eyes, asking permission to go in.  I nodded my head, told her she was going to love it, and let her be led away.  She didn’t even glance back.  With all the confidence in her long black tail, she charged into the barn and made instant friends with two Corgies.

She’ll be just fine.


6 thoughts on “SOL 2016 D19 – The Dropoff

    1. Especially hard when the two legged is now the baby, adopted as the four legged ones are off to college and beyond! We sometimes question if she has two or four legs!


  1. It’s so hard to leave them! I have gotten so I only go where I can bring my four-legged friend with me. It’s bad! I know your four-legged friend will have a great time but be happy to see you again.


  2. Love the way you led the reader on. I know she will be fine and you will enjoy your vacation. I have a friend who’s doggy care has video so she can check in on her pet while away.


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