SOL 2016 D4: Fridays

Because I job share, I have Fridays off.  Sometimes.  I often sub in our building when there’s a last minute opening and our district is understaffed.  And often I use the day to curl up with a giant pile of grading to clear it off my plate before the weekend.

But today I am taking the day off.  I get to play tennis with old friends and hike with another friend for her birthday.  I get to spend time with our 5 month old puppy.  I try to be grateful for having a day to breath at the end of each week and I try to be
grateful for those of you who crank it out for 40 full hours each week – and then try to give some time to yourself.

My last child is headed of to college this fall and I am just beginning to see how a person could possibly teach full time.  I am a little nervous about too much empty time when there are no soccer games to go to, no dentist and doctor appointments, no piano lessons.  But I am pretty sure I will fill that up with my students.  I have the ever growing list of ideas I have always wanted to try but just didn’t have time to implement.  I’d like to tackle a few big ones.IMG_3977

I think a lot about balance as a teacher.  Balance with my own time, balance for my students in their homework, balance in what I teach each day, balance in my expectations. And balance with time.  In the past 6 years, I have come to peace with not being able to do everything today, or even tomorrow, or next month.  It is okay to wait until fall to start something new.  But I still have that list of great ideas ready to implement.

For now though, I am going to take the puppy for a walk before she takes off with another one of our shoes!


3 thoughts on “SOL 2016 D4: Fridays

  1. I love how even though you are a bit worried about too much empty time, you are beginning to see how life might be with “all that time.” I am a mother of a 9 and a 6-year old. I cherish “my” time, which today will include a 3 mile run while they go to open swim after school. I often wonder what will happen when my days are not so full, but for now I cherish it. Enjoy your Friday!


  2. First, your puppy is adorable! Second, through your writing I can see how thoughtful and reflective you are about the time opening up in your life. I hope the walk with your puppy, tennis with friends, and a hike proved a great use of your time.


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