SOL Y D1: Slice of Foothill Life

I wasn’t going to go public for the first year so I just sat down and wrote my first reflection in a journal.  And then I thought twice.  I have learned so much from reading other teachers’ blogs that I figured it wouldn’t hurt to give back.  So here’s what I wrote this morning.

March 1, 2016

What melted my heart today?  We were working together, on the red carpet, to come up with a brainstorm list of commonalities of biographies.  (We are all reading a “Who Was”. or “Who Is” book in class right now.)  Lots of hands were up and students were sharing great insights.  I called on the next hand, can’t even remember who it was now, and they asked, “Will we still get to read today?”  Humbling indeed, that all they want at times is the space and time to read.  We aborted the activity and they  flew back to their books.  I made a quick twitter page for parents, #ITLWIR (It’s Tuesday, Look What I’m Reading), and took a photo of each student.  More than half of them didn’t even look up when I took the photo.   They were so engrossed in their books.  Really, all they want is time and space to read.

At the end of the day during clean up, one of the students read aloud the letter she had just received from her favorite author.  Clean up is usually chaotic and scattered but I watched as the kids stopped their side conversations, stopped stacking chairs, and slowly huddled around her.  They were mesmerized by how she was having a ‘conversation’ with a REAL author.  Lesson #2 from the day – they all want to be special, singled out, and recognized.

So, what if those were my only two goals each day:  Give them time to read and allow each one the space to be special.


4 thoughts on “SOL Y D1: Slice of Foothill Life

  1. This is such a wonderful example of how you learn from your students — and how you can relax enough to see what they need. And it doesn’t have to be a lot. Give them time to read, and let each one have space to be special. So simple, yet so important. Thank you.


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