SOL Y2 D2: Observations

So, how many of you are “observed” by your administrator every year?  Today was my day for an hour with our new principal.  Personally, I like having people come watch me teach because I always learn something new.   Today, I learned that I am more innovative than I thought I was.

Teaching 5th grade, I use technology frequently in my classroom.  I have been lucky to be part of a grant that has put devices in  my room permanently.  I have spent the last few years picking one or two tech tools to master.  I hadn’t really noticed how they are now such a part of my class.  I think they are ordinary; my principal was blown away.

We took a Latin stem quiz on our chromebooks.   I have been doing this for years.  It is so much easier, it is instantly graded, and there are no papers to shuffle.  My principal was amazed at how savvy my students were and how we were using technology to replace paper.  Innovative?  Just a normal day for us.

Some of my students were sitting on the floor in their camp chairs.  Others were just on the floor while others were at tables – some at their assigned spaces and some not.  My principal was amazed to see kids choosing where to sit and how focused they could still be.  Innovative?  Just a normal day for us.

We helped our writing partners edit a piece of persuasive writing using google docs today.  We were highlighting the thesis, the support, the evidence and the conclusion; a colorful visual of the necessary parts of good persuasive writing.  Innovative?  Just a normal day for us.

It was good for me today to see my classroom through someone else’s eyes.  I guess I am doing some things well, and I guess, maybe, I am innovative.


5 thoughts on “SOL Y2 D2: Observations

  1. You certainly are innovative! It is great to get a new perspective on what seems normal but is actually extraordinary. I teach younger children and it would be a dream for them to have those experiences like you described when they grow older. I am also a first-time slicer–and I enjoyed your post very much! Your feelings of being observed and looking at it as a learning experience were well said.


  2. Awesome work! I too see tech the way you do, just a normal tool to get the job done. To make my grading work easier, to allow collaboration. So when I think about what you wrote I think SAMR Model. I would say that you are well on your way to “Redefining” what you do because “Augmentation” just makes sense to you. Can’t wait to read more about your work with tech.


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